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    Hairdresser: do you like it?
    Me: yes thank you

    *goes home and cries*

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Peyto Lake | by Sergei Mou.


    Peyto Lake | by .

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  7. Anonymous said: Hey tally i feel like my summer is going to be very boring and lonely i have friends, but all of them don't treat me very nicely so i hardly ever see them also my mum doesn't have alot of money so i only get £17 a month i don't wanna be in my house bored for the whole summer or i'm gonna get even more depressed what should i do


    What about a summer job? You could also meat new people that way, most places I know employ waitresses that are 15+ (i started being a waitress when I was 15) and I met life long friends there as well as earning £80 a week (I used to do Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday nights), you build confidence, become more outgoing and its great earning your own money in an enjoyable environement xxx

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    relationship & advice blog ♡

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